Best Gaming Monitor Under $300 in 2022

The aim of this article is to give you a comprehensive list of the best gaming monitors under 300 that you can get right now.  

This guide contains the best monitors that you can get with a budget of $300. Still, some are also capable of carrying out computing tasks like designing, researching and writing papers, editing videos, or watching movies.

All these monitors have been tested and proven to be reliable, and you can rest assured that you will not have any issues with them. They offer great value for money, and all you need to do is to find the right one with the perfect specifications.

Best gaming monitors under 300

1. AOC CQ27G1

– Best 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor Under $300

For a long time, if you were interested in getting a monitor with screen resolution 1440p or refresh rate of 144Hz in a gaming monitor, you would’ve needed to drop at least $400. But right now, you can get any of these two specs for under $300.

The AOC CQ27G1 is a 1440p 144Hz monitor that comes with a curved VA panel design and its suitable for any gamer that is looking for a monitor that will make the gaming experience to be real as possible.


Just like I mentioned earlier, the AOC CQ27G1 comes with a VA Panel that is quite decent with an impressive static contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and an exciting luminance level of 250-nits, with an interesting color depth of 8-bit color and a wide percentage that is around 122% sRGB gamut. One of the drawbacks of the AOC CQ27G1 is the color level, which is quite basic and not really accurate. However, they still come out decent, and with a screen curvature level of 1800R, you can expect a picture level of great quality.

Generally, one of the lowest points of VA monitors is their response time speed; this means that you should expect a significant trailing of fast-moving objects, especially when there is a major presence of dark pixels. However, if the game is just a simple one, you will still enjoy the monitor.  


The AOC CQ27G1 comes with a lot of important features, including the 1ms MPRT backlight strobing feature, which is useful in reducing the blurring of images. It also comes with the AMD FreeSync that has a Variable Refresh range of 48-144Hz and steady G-SYNC performance that works perfectly with NVIDIA cards. Other significant features include picture presets, saturate presets, and other customizable options that you can always modify.

Design & Connectivity

The AOC CQ27G1 has a fantastic design considering the price, built in an ergonomic style that makes it quite comfortable for anyone. This makes it possible to be able to tilt and adjust the position of the monitor as you want.

Connectivity features that come with the AOC CQ27G1 include two HDMI 2.0 ports, with just one DisplayPort 1.2 input, and an impressive headphones jack.

The Pros

An impressive contrast ratio and an extensive color gamut

Ergonomically built

AMD FreeSync and MBR that is up to 144Hz

The price is quite reasonable

High pixel density

The Cons

Can experience minor blurring in fast games


– Best for Content Creation & Light Gaming

Maybe you have been looking for a 27″ 1440p IPS monitor for general computing tasks, like anything that involves color editing, that you can still use to play the regular games, the right monitor we can recommend is the BenQ PD2700Q which is under $300. However, if the task does not involve major color content creation and gaming, you should check out the AOC CQ27G1.

A lot of people feel that the 27-inch is the ideal size for a monitor while the perfect screen resolution should be around 2560×1440. Going by this popular belief, you can rely on the AOPEN 27ML1U to do just that thanks to the IPS panel and the AMD FreeSync support that comes with it.


In terms of picture quality, the AOPEN 27ML1U delivers a fantastic screen size and screen resolution that you will absolutely love, with a ratio that amounts to 108.79 PPI (Pixels per Inch). This means that you will be getting a lot of screen space if you are a fan of large screens. The IPS panel has a fast response time of 4ms. It works perfectly with the 10-bit color depth, which amounts to something around 1.07 billion colors.

I should also point out that there are other monitors with different screen resolutions that you can get at this price, resolutions which include 1080p 240Hz, 1440p 144Hz, and 4K 60Hz. If you are looking for a monitor to play only the popular eSports titles, then you should consider the 240Hz. If you are into content creation, editing videos, and other major computing tasks, then you should consider the 4K while the 1440p and the 144Hz is only for light computing tasks. 


In terms of features, the AOPEN 27ML1U comes with AMD FreeSync, which prevents screen tearing and blurring. With an impressive refresh rate that is 48-75Hz, you can be sure that the picture quality will be smooth and steady. All you need to do is ensure that you Frames Per Second (FPS) is within the mentioned range.

To enjoy the FreeSync feature, you will need to make sure that your AMD graphics card is compatible, and it also supports the NVIDIA GTX 10-series and works perfectly with the new GPUs. Other important features include motion blur reduction, modifiable crosshair overlays, and picture presets.

Design & Connectivity

Although the AOPEN 27ML1Uis designed to be placed to be placed in a tilt position, it’s nice to know that it is VESA mount compatible. It also comes with features that include two HDMI 2.0 ports that work with FreeSync and a DisplayPort 1.2 that supports FreeSync,  two inbuilt speakers, and a headphones jack.

The Pros

Represent value for money

Exciting colors with smooth details and a large screen

Comes with a lot of gaming features which includes FreeSync and MBR

The Cons

Tilt position only.

3. Acer XF250Q

– 240Hz Gaming Monitor Under $300

In terms of price, the Acer XF250Q is arguably the cheapest 240Hz gaming monitor that you can find right now that also offers an excellent level of performance that is compatible with G-Sync.


In terms of the picture quality, you can expect a similar level of picture quality that you will get from the standard 25″ 1080p TN panels. You will also be seeing other similarities like narrow viewing angles and lower picture quality when compared with monitors that use IPS and VA panels. So basically, you will not be getting that image quality that will be as sharp and smooth as what a 27’’ 1440p will deliver.

However, the 1080p screen resolution still delivers a decent pixel-per-inch ratio on the screen that comes with the Acer XF250Q. To make it better, you will be able to optimize the frame rates if you will be playing any of the regular eSports titles.


The Acer XF250Q comes with the NVIDIA as G-SYNC compatible, which makes sure that you are enjoying a perfect VRR performance with compatible NVIDIA GPUs. There are other exciting features like the Black Boost and the Aim Point customizable crosshairs.

Design & Connectivity

In terms of design, the Acer XF250Q 240Hz monitor is designed with an ergonomic architecture, which makes it possible to adjust as you want. You can easily tilt, swivel, and rotate as you like. This ensures that you always have a comfortable gaming experience.  And talking about the available connectivity options, you will be getting an HDMI 1.4 and also HDMI 2.0. There is also the presence of a DisplayPort 1.2 and two inbuilt speakers plus a headphone jack.

The Pros


Quick response time and low input lag

Works with G-SYNC technology

Adjustable design

The Cons

Low image quality when compared with IPS and VA panels

Narrow viewing angles

4. ASUS VG259Q

– Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Considering the fact that the difference between the 240Hz and 144Hz isn’t as big as the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz, a lot of gamers still prefer the 144Hz gaming monitors because they are relatively cheap and some of their models have better picture quality.

Right now, the ASUS VG259Q is definitely the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor that you can find in the market right now. And that also means you will need to pay more than the regular and slower models which go for under $200. An example of such a slower model is the AOC 24G2.


If you are not interested in a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hz, and you prefer exciting colors and wide angles, but you know your system will struggle to work perfectly with 144Hz at 1440p, the VG259Q is for you.

The ASUS VG259Q was built on a fast IPS panel, which means that you won’t experience blurring or ghosting when playing fast-paced games. To make it better, you will be getting the IPS technology that is coupled with the 178° viewing angles with perfect color display.

The 1080p screen resolution also appears cool on the 24.5-inch screen of the ASUS VG259Q gaming monitor, and you can optimize and reach the high frame rates even when playing the high-end games.


The ASUS VG259Q works well with the AMD FreeSync with a variable refresh range that is between 48-144Hz, and it is also compatible with the G-SYNC technology. Also, the ASUS VG259Q comes with a motion blur reduction feature that is known as ‘Extreme Low Motion Blur,’ which delivers motion smoothness by using the backlight strobing.

There are other important features of the ASUS VG259Q that we need to mention. There is the pre-calibrated preset, Shadow Boost that ensures clearer picture output in games with more dark pixels and there is also a crosshair overlay.

Design & Connectivity

The ASUS VG259Q is completely ergonomically designed, which makes it possible to reach up to 130mm height and can be tilted from -5°/33°, you can also pivot it to 90° and more.

In terms of connectivity options, the ASUS VG259Q comes with two HDMI 1.4 inputs and a DisplayPort 1.2. You will also be getting a headphones jack and two built-in speakers.

The Pros

Exciting and smooth colors

Ergonomic design

Compatible with FreeSync technology and MBR that is up to 144Hz

Quick response time and low input lag that prevents blurring

The Cons

A bit costly for a 1080p 144Hz screen resolution display

5. Sceptre C305B

– Best UltraWide Gaming Monitor Under 300

The Sceptre C305B-200UN is quite similar to the LG 29WK600-W and delivers an impressive refresh rate too (200Hz), but the pictures are not as accurate and sharp.


The Sceptre C305B-200UN comes with a static ratio of 3,000:1, which makes sure that there is a vivid connection between the darkest and the brightest tones. However, the color gamut is quite limited, which makes it unfit for major computing works like content creation.

The main highlight of the Sceptre C305B-200UN is the 200Hz refresh rate. But the only drawback is that the response time is quite discouraging, which makes the refresh rate insignificant. However, at higher frame rates, the pixels will always find it difficult to handle the speed of the refresh rate, which will result in picture blurring and ghosting.     

The only way to go about this is by setting the refresh rate lower. For example, if you put it at 144Hz, it will be able to handle the pixel response time smoothly. However, some high-end games will run smoothly on the 200Hz refresh rate.

Design & Connectivity

The Sceptre C305B is designed to be in a tilt position only. However, it is still VESA mount compatible because it comes with an adapter that you can easily use. Other exciting features include two red LED strips, a 1800R screen curvature, and ultra-thin bezels.

You will also be getting one HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and DP 1.2 with a built-in speaker as well as a headphones jack and two 3W built-in speakers.

If you use your monitor for major computing works like editing videos, and you are sure that your Frames per second won’t go over 75FPS in video games, the LG 29WK600 is the right one for you.

However, if you are a fan of fast-paced games and you are willing to optimize your frame rates, then you should consider the Sceptre C305B.

The Pros

Impressive contrast ratio

Comes with AMD FreeSync technology that is up to 200Hz

Represents value for money

The Cons

Will likely blur during fast-paced games, especially in scenes with dark pixels

Tilt-only design

There are important factors that you need to consider when choosing a gaming monitor, and we’ve already reviewed the most important features of each gaming monitor, so here’s a quick summary.

6. LG 29WK600

– UltraWide Monitor For Work & Light Gaming

This comes as one of the best gaming monitors that you can find right now, LG 29WK600-W, and what makes it stand out is that you can still use it for major computing tasks like researching and writing papers, graphic design, and other productivity purposes.


Because it is an ultra-wide monitor, getting used to the size can sometimes be difficult. But as soon as you become used to it, you will really enjoy it. The LG 29WK600-W is a 23-inch 16:9 monitor, which is the basic size of monitors, but there is the 21:9 format that comes with a lot of advantages. Using the LG 29WK600-W to play games gives you more screen room except if you are playing games that do not support ultra-wide resolutions.

Lastly, all the extra screen space can be quite useful for computing tasks like working on a spreadsheet. The monitor comes with an IPS panel and boasts of over 99%sRGB color gamut, with a response time speed of 5ms. LG 29WK600-W comes with a screen resolution of 2560×1080, which is quite decent and will provide you with good picture quality.


The LG 29WK600-W comes with a lot of exciting features which includes a black stabilizer, and also comes with an impressive pre-calibrated picture presets, and supports G-SYNC. Other features include Dynamic Action Sync, Cross Hair, and to make it better, it supports HDR10 content. However, it is quite low because of the absence of proper color gamut.

 Design & Connectivity

Although the LG 29WK600-W IPS monitor can only be in a tilt position, it is important to note that it is quite easy to detach, which makes it possible to be mounted on a wall. Alternatively, you can use a mounting arm by making use of the VESA holes. The monitor comes with thin bezels, and the screen is coated in matte to block sunlight. In terms of connectivity, the monitor comes with two HDMI ports, and the popular DisplayPort is also present. You will also be getting 5W inbuilt speakers.

The Pros

Vibrant colors

AMD FreeSync


The Cons

The HDR10 can only be used with software

Tilt-only position

Gaming monitor buying guide

60Hz vs. 144Hz vs. 240Hz – What’s The Difference?

Basically, there is a clear difference in motion clarity when upgrading from 60Hz/75Hz to 144Hz. To get the best out of the 144Hz, you will need to make sure that you maintain the 144FPS as well.

Moving from 240Hz to 144Hz is not as significant as moving from 60Hz to 144Hz, but the difference is still noticeable. If you are a professional gamer, and you always play heavy games, you should be able to maintain the 240Hz type of monitor.

1080p vs 1440p vs 4K

If you do not have a really powerful computer system, I won’t recommend buying a 4K monitor for gaming. It can be quite demanding, and you will probably be forced to reduce the picture’s quality in order to get more screen space, which basically defeats the need for a high screen resolution.

The type of game that you play determines whether you will go for 1080p 144Hz or 1440p 60Hz. If you are a fan of the regular games, I will advise that you go for a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, but if you are a fan of games that are more graphically heavy, then the right one is the 1440p.

And considering the fact that you can get a gaming monitor with 1440p 144Hz features at this price range. You will be able to play any kind of game that you want; you can play a simple game at 144Hz and 1440p or a high-end one at 1440p and ~60FPS.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the best gaming monitors that you can get for $300. We’ve made sure that we chose the best models that will be perfect for your gaming requirements.

You can take a look at the guide of gaming monitors under 500 for more top-level picks.

If you are a professional gamer, the right gaming monitor for you is the Acer XF250Q, as long as you can push ~240FPS. If you are looking for a monitor that has impressive picture quality without sacrificing basic performance, you can go for the AOC CQ27G1. And if you are looking for something spectacular, the Sceptre C305B is an excellent ultra-wide gaming monitor for the price.

John Webber