Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 in 2022

If you can only set aside 200 dollars to get a monitor, you don’t have to fret because you will still get a good gaming monitor at that price.

In this post, we have done in-depth research and come up with the top four best gaming monitors under 200 you will surely love. Of course, each of them has different specifications, and it will be upon you to choose any of them depending on your priorities. 

Now, getting a good monitor for $200 or less these days is a no biggie. You can find decent monitors with up to 144Hz refresh rate, among other cool features you may be looking for in a gaming monitor.

In other words, you must not have around 500 to get a good monitor that will give you excellent image quality.  

That said, let’s dive right in. 

Best gaming monitors under $200

1. AOC G2590FX

The first monitor on this list is the AOC G2590FX. This monitor falls below the $200 mark and is ideal for those looking for cheap gaming monitors. 

In some places, you will find out that the price exceeds $200, but be sure to purchase it at around $180 to $190 on Amazon. 


Because this is a TN panel monitor, you will likely experience some challenges using it. For example, you will get a narrow viewing, which is likely to make images have a difference in contrast and color when you view them from specific angles.    

Additionally, you need to take note that the colors will not be as vibrant as on display. However, rest assured that it has a response time of not less than 1ms. There’s also a 144Hz refresh rate, which will help in eliminating ghosting, and thus you can enjoy your favorite FPS games. 

Also, there’s an upgrade of the previous AOC G2590FX from 24 inches to 24.5 inches. Even more, you will experience high-quality pictures with this monitor. That said, the AOC G2590FX should be your best bet if you are looking for a low budget monitor that gets the task done. 


This monitor comes with AMD FreeSync technology, as well as 144Hz and 1ms refresh rate and response time. 

The best of all is that this monitor is G-SYNC compatible, which makes sure there are no VRR performance flaws. 

You will have higher visibility even when you are in dark places because this monitor comes with an On-Screen Display menu that has an AOC shadow control functionality. 

Also, the AOC G2590FX comes with a joystick, which can allow you to toggle picture presets, such as RTS, Racing, FPS, as well as three gamer profiles, which you can customize. Additionally, you can expect to get crosshair overlays that you can customize, too. 


If the design is at the top of your priorities, you will surely love this monitor. The AOC G2590FX comes with an ultra-thin bezel slim design with a tilt adjustment functionality of -4 degrees/ 22 degrees. 

If you check on Amazon, you will find the AOC G2590PX monitor. While the product title is different, it is the same monitor as AOC G2590FX. The difference between the two is that the AOC G2590PX features an ergonomic stand, USB ports, and built-in speakers. You will have to pay more, though. 

The AOC G2590FX also comes with a DisplayPort 1.2, 2 HDMI 1.4 ports, a headphones jack, as well as a VGA. Both the HDMIs can accommodate up to 144Hz, which is an advantage, especially if you have a laptop that only has one HDMI input. 

If you are looking for a monitor with a display of 1080p with a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms, this AOC G2590FX is your best bet. 

If it’s overpriced in your country, there’s still no need to fret because we have got a substitute for you. Be sure to check for Acer KG251QF or the HP Omen 25, and you will still get the same user experience. 


  • This monitor has a quick response time. 
  • The AOC G2590FX has a low input lag.
  • It is G-SYNC compatible.
  • This monitor comes with a ton of gaming features.
  • The AOC G2590FX features a ton of beautiful colors for the TN panel. 


  • This monitor comes with a tilt-only stand, which denies you the freedom to customize it to your needs. 
  • You will get narrow viewing angles. 
  • The image quality of the AOC G2590FX isn’t excellent, according to some users. 

2. AOC C24G1 

With below $200, you can get the AOC C24G1 monitor, which comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz and a curved VA panel design. 


Now, the advantage with this monitor is that it offers users a contrast ratio of 3000:1as compared to the contrast ratio of 1000:1 you will get in an IPS or TN panel. 

With this high contrast, you can expect to get deeper blacks, as well as a good relation of brightest and darkest tones, which is the primary asset you can find in VA panels. 

It is important to note that the colors won’t be accurate as you would expect in IPS displays, but you can rest assured that they are way better than those you would find in a TN display. 

Also, this monitor provides users with a 4ms response time as compared to other monitors that offer 1ms. With this response time, you should expect to notice more fast-moving objects. 

The best of all is that the AOC C24G1 gaming monitor comes with a backlit strobing technology feature, which aids in the reduction of motion blur. 

Now, if you will be buying this monitor to play some of the most competitive FPS games, you don’t need to worry because this monitor will still offer you the best experience. 

Finally, this monitor is meant for those who love playing the FPS games. With this monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate, you should expect to get excellent speeds even when playing your most favorite FPS games. Even more, this monitor will offer you good picture quality. 


This monitor comes with a ton of gaming features that can improve your gaming experience, such as LIL mode, shadow boost, crosshair overlays, as well as pre-calibrated presets. 

Additionally, AOC C24G1 supports FreeSync with a VRR range of between 48 to 144Hz. And while some may argue that this monitor is not certified as G-SYNC, the truth is that it is compatible with NVIDIA cards.  

The AOC C24G1 comes with an MBR setting, which gives you the freedom to adjust your backlight strobing from 0 to 20. Now, it is essential to note that the intensity you apply, the less blur you will see, but you should also know that the image will become darker. 

Doing this will allow you to match the best ratio between your picture brightness and the motion clarity, which you may only find in high-end G-SYNC displays and only when you use the ULMB pulse width. 


The AOC C24G1 takes pride in its sturdy design with excellent ergonomics, which includes 130mm adjustment in height, tilt feature, etc. 

Additionally, this monitor comes with a screen curvature (1500R), which gives it additional depth. This monitor also comes with connectivity options, such as the VGA, HDMI ports, headphones jack, and DisplayPort. 

The AOC C24G1 gives users the right balance of what they want in a gaming monitor. For example, users will enjoy a responsive gaming experience, as well as good picture quality. 

If this doesn’t tick your boxes of priorities, you can still opt for the MSI Optix MAG241C, which will give you more saturated colors, though you won’t get better handling and design. 


  • You get value for what you pay. 
  • This monitor can handle ghosting pretty well. 
  • This monitor comes with curved screen design. 
  • You will get a ton of gaming features with just this monitor, such as FreeSync. 


  • Slight ghosting for fast-paced games. 

3. LG 25UM58 

The monitor industry has improved immensely with the advance in technology. Now, with 200 USD, you can get a variety of monitors with an aspect ratio of up to 21:9. Previously, the standard monitors had an aspect ratio of up to 16:9, providing you with enough space for a smooth cinematic experience. 

Ultrawide monitors, for example, enhance your gaming experience as well as multitasking. Under the 21:9 aspect ratio, you can get the LG 25UM58-P model in less than $200. 

It is worth noting that this monitor is 25 inches when placed in diagonally and longer in width than an ordinary display. In other words, this model is the size of a 16:9, but a little wide, which takes a while to adjust to. 


Again, the LG 25UM58-P offers a higher pixel density of 2560 by 1080 Full HD. You can get this monitor under 200 USD, not forgetting the resolution, which is also excellent. It comes in a smaller size, which is an added advantage when it comes to providing you with a significant density of 111 PPI. 

This means a massive screen display for your images as well as working space. Additionally, the 25UM58-P model includes an IPS interface with a 99 percent sRGB color gamut, which is not only accurate but consistent as well. 


Sadly, the LG 25UM58 is the only model that offers no AMD FreeSync support but has a refresh rate of up to 75Hz. The refresh rate may, however, vary significantly depending on your specific unit. 

Even so, you may still enjoy your favorite games under the 21:9 support. Meanwhile, you’ll experience black paths at the sides of your screen if your video games lack the ultrawide resolution feature. Because you want a smooth gaming experience, it will help if you inquire about the games with a 21:9 aspect ratio. 

Pre-calibrated picture settings, black stabilizer, improved color, and picture adjustments are some of the features that enhance your gaming experience.  


This model exhibits thin bezels both at the top and sides, making it ideal for multitasks. It also includes VESA mounting holes, measuring 75 by 75 mm and a screen, which can be tilted by 5/20 degrees. Finally, there are two 1.4 HDMI ports for establishing your connectivity. 

While this monitor offers better value for money, it may still appear too small for some users. We, therefore, recommend the LG 29WK600 model, which is 29 inches with an ultrawide resolution. And yes, the AMD FreeSync feature is also available and can refresh up to 75Hz. 


  • It is the highest resolution monitor you can get under 200 USD. 
  • This model offers an excellent pixel density of up to 111 PI. 
  • The LG 25UM58 includes a variety of beautiful colors. 


  • Unlike other panels, this model does not include the AMD FreeSync feature. 
  • It only comes with a tilt stand. 

4. AOC 24G2 

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor with 1080p, then the 24G2 suits the bill. Back then, you’d only find a 27 inches model, but with the advance in technology, they vary up to 24 inches. Unlike the 27 inches model with a poor pixel density, this 24G2 model is an exception.  


This 24G2 includes the twofold feature – first, you have a variety of beautiful colors to choose from, and second, it exhibits a fast response time. 

While the response time isn’t as fast as that of the TN models, it’s still faster compared to the VA models. This means notable speeds in fast-paced games, but poor projecting smudges in darker spots.  

When you compare both VA and TN panels, the 24G2 stands out by providing gorgeous colors that are not only attractive but also consistent and accurate. 

In addition to the broad color gamut of 126 percent sRGB, 24 inches model also includes a factory-calibrated sRGB interface with more than two color accuracy. 

The contrast is 1,000:1, meaning it’s still a better option when it comes to shading black smudges. Meanwhile, the 24G2 model offers a variety of beautiful colors as well as a time-speed response, which is why users prefer the IPS route to the black one. 


Top-notch performance, free AMD sync support, excellent time-speed response, compatibility with NVIDIA, are some of the powerful features you’ll get to enjoy when you purchase this gaming mouse. 

Other notable features include the MRB technology, which enhances the black depth through backlight strobing. Also, with the strobing frequency adjusting this monitor to your needs is a no brainer. 

The fully customized gamer interface, including the pre-calibrated image versions for RTS, FPS, and fast-paced games, comes in handy. 

Lastly, there are a variety of options to choose from, including the HDR, which adjusts to High Dynamic Range and crosshair overlay.  


The design of this monitor translates to its pricing. As such, you get comprehensive support, including adjustable heights of up to 130mm, ninety degrees rotation, and a significant amount of compatibility. 

Additionally, there are tons of connectivity options, and such include the two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, headphones jack, and VGA. For free syncing, use the HDMI and DisplayPort.  

In general, this 24 inch model balances both C24G1 and G2590 FX gaming monitors. If your preference in the choice of a monitor is a top-notch performance in racing games, then you should check out the G2590FX model.

In case you want something with a better value for money, then you’d probably love the 24G2 model. 

The C224G1 model is ideal for users who prefer gaming on high contrast above everything while enjoying the primary racing games. 

Being a 24 inches model, you can also find the 27 inches model – the 27G2 to be precise. Even so, we still recommend the 24G2 model due to the excellent pixel density that enhanced the quality of your image. Additionally, this monitor is affordable. 

The in-built USB ports, as well as speakers, are available in both the 24 and 27 inches model. Unfortunately, these models aren’t available in the United States. 


  • This monitor includes a comprehensive ergonomic design. 
  • The 24G2 comes in a variety of vibrant colors. 
  • It also features the AMD FreeSync. 


  • This monitor has a lower pixel density compared to that of the VA panels. 


This was a list of four best gaming monitors under 200. And as you have seen, you can still get decent gaming monitors for as low as 200. It depends on your list of priorities, though. 

It is worth mentioning, adding an extra 100 would make a big difference as there are much better choices of gaming monitors under 300.

Make sure that you have drafted features to help you in choosing the best gaming monitor. This will save you time and possible money. 

John Webber